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Cecilia’s Embroidery designs
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You may but with a few exceptions

Some Designers  Require that you purchase a Licence or a Partial Licence from them if you wish to sell their designs on items for profit.

The designs on this site where the artwork has been created by Mimika’s Craft Room, and Whimsy Attic require you to buy a licence if you wish to use the designs on items for sale.

This licence Is a one off Lifetime Fee and is valid for all designs by these artists on my site and any other site. You will not have to pay this fee again.

Violation of these terms is a serious offence.

I have written this clearly under any designs that have been created by the above designers. I have also included it in the licence information with the designs.

Please click on the links above to go to their sites and review their policies or to purchase a licence.

The other designs on this site do not require a licence and you are free to use their designs on items for sale without purchasing a licence.

Provided a licence has been purchased for the relevant designs all designs purchased on this site may be resized and used to embroider on items for yourself, for gifts, on items which are to be sold and on items as a service.

 You may NOT duplicate, change, resell, loan, share or transfer the designs in any way.

Can I sell Items that I have stitched the designs onto ?