Yes you can pay in any currrency

My Site and Shopping cart use GBP £

 but Paypal will automatically convert the currency from British Pounds (GBP £) to your own currency using the current exchange rate. This will show in your Paypal Invoice in your Paypal Account.

You can get an estimate of the cost in your currency by using the currency converter in the left hand menu or the bottom of the design page.

The Majority of My customers are based in the US and I would really love to keep my Currency in $US dollars but it creates problems for me due to the constant fluctuations in exchange rates.

As I live in Britain and Pay my Bills in British Pounds If I use US $ I would have to constantly

Change the values of my Items.

By keeping them in British £ I can leave them at a constant price. I have set my prices at the same rate against the $US as when I first opened my site and so sometimes they will seem to cost more and others they will cost less in your currencies. This is due to the change in exchange rates but I have not increased or lowered my prices.

I am however looking to add both currencies in the future.

If your Site is in British Pounds can I Still Pay in US$?