Please read this before sending an email of this type.

Do not send me personal emails.

I do not have the time to respond to them as I am trying to digitise designs for you .

Keep your content business related.

Do not send me emails asking for cut prices.


This is not a Charity Organisation.

Your personal  and financial situation is your concern.

I am astounded at the number of emails from people who think I can afford to subsidize their hobbies and businesses due to some preconceived Idea that I must be wealthy because I have a website. You do not need wealth in order to have a website. It was not donated to me by some Fairy God Mother. I do not pay anyone else to do it either because I cannot afford to. Having a website also does not mean you are raking it in as a result. I do not have the time to send explanatory emails and neither should I have to.  All of this wastes what little productive time I have. I cannot imagine that you send such emails to any other site and so why send them to me.

We are not responsible for your choices but if you want to go into this field and buy our designs you have to factor that into your costs just like we do and as you have to do with everything else in life.